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    Hi Beto,
    I found that compilation cd I told you about. I ripped it for you and will post you the track - just let me know where to post it to. I had not listened to it for years, and I know that there is a better and clearer version somewhere - the original as Stuart mixed it had much better defined guitars, but when it was sent off, they flattened everything to "fit in" with the other tracks, so to me it sounds a bit duller than it should, but not bad for something recorded in one room in a couple of days by one musician and a part time vocalist. Anyway you can see for yourself - its waiting here for you !

    Cheers m' Dear,
    Elizabeth Antoinette
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    Reply from devil2metal:

    Hello Elizabeth Antoinette
    How are you? thank you so much for this great news, if you want it to upload it on a public server you can do it here: just remember to send me the link (address) after the process is done, the file will be on the server for a few days after that it will be deleted automatically, image , recently i saw on youtube some videos recorded back in the days when Stuart was on the band from live concerts, a joy! thanks again and anything you want to say remember to write.

    big hugs my friend.
    Beto M.